Our main business is actually a pharmaceutical company, our team comprise of some of Australia’s great pharmaceutical scientists, chemists, biochemists and nutrionist’s specializing in formulations, product discovery and health and wellbeing. The demand for Protein Puffs has grown so much we now run Protein Puffs as an independent division with its own dedicated manufacturing facility and team.

How do we make Protein Puffs?

Utilizing advanced technology, we take predominantly Australian & New Zealand dairy with the exception of dairy from Ireland if we can’t secure our own dairy, we take the Milk Protein powder and then transform the powder using thermodynamics into a Protein Puff.

Is Protein Puffs a processed food?

Yes but no. Yes we process it but so does anyone making dinner, that’s also processing, so no its not processed in the way of the ‘so called bad processed food”

Are protein Puffs baked or deep fried?

No absolutely not, we use high temperature and pressure known as thermodynamics to make them crunchy and tasty.

Are protein puffs healthy?

Yes absolutely, with a 5 Star health rating they are incredibly healthy. We use all natural ingredients  the highest quality ingredients at that.

Did you know? we are the first and original protein puffs worldwide, We first developed Protein puffs in Melbourne in 2015-2016, originally to replace a sweet flavored protein shake, our director was going to the gym in the afternoon, after working out consuming a chocolate flavored shake, then going home to eat dinner such as fish and vegetables, so we found the need for a savory and light alternative but to still pack enough protein for recovery and optimum health.

Why are there so many warnings and legislation on the packets?

Because many people compare our Mighty Cheddar to the taste of twisties, we chose to list Protein Puffs as a Formualted Sports food categorized under FSANZ food standards code to allow all of the relevant warnings and directons for use, this is to avoid children and even adults from over induldging and consuming too much protein.